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     You actually will be leaving us at DollDesire to view these ladies so email us at yourdollusa@gmail.com or call us at 850 217 6613 if you want to get her from us

                                                  Thanks in advance 

Faye 14
JAddisyn 11
Jonna 12
Shayne _MG_9794 copy
Riella _MG_9894 copy
Faye 8
Addisyn 5
Jonna 9
Shayne _MG_9779 copy
Riella _MG_9862 copy


Meri 13
Marika _MG_9311 copy
Marika _MG_9331 copy
Rana  F-4-11
Rana  F-4-13
Karsin _MG_9371
Karsin _MG_9375
Elka Muscle Head 11
JYDoll Muscle Head 14


Rana  F-4-8
Addisyn 5
Shayne _MG_9779 copy
Addisyn 15
Addisyn 14
Marika _MG_9315 copy
Karsin _MG_9384
Karsin _MG_9369
Elka Muscle Head 16
Marika _MG_9324 copy

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