"You could not of found a better person to help you with your first doll. Jeff /Booty call dolls, knows his stuff... One of the few members that is a vendor and a real lover of dolls. He owns quite a few dolls, and really understands the love we all share"-Just in Time

Hello, my name is Jeff.  Many consider us to be more of a match maker than a vendor and soon you will see why. Our website is unlike any doll vendor in the world.  We do not use a check out cart.

We link to other manufacturer and vendor sites to see galleries. Go to ten sites and you will see the same pictures!  

We do not have a fancy website, but we were voted best vendor on the Doll Forum. Fancy websites will not warn you if a doll is 10lbs heavier or CM shorter, will it? Or there are two molds for a size too


We have found that MOST people will have a particular breast size in mind when looking for a doll more than any other

You can see  many doll shapes in a very short period of time and then find her manufacturer in our collection above 

                                               If you do not see one, email us at 

Dolls come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Above are just a few of the dolls we carry. 

image028 - Copy.gif
Below you will find  some of the hottest ladies our top TPE  manufacturers have to offer.
 If you like what you see, simply click their logo  to see their entire collection.